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Background Stories

A brief summary of the Kentish seaside Inspiral-ed Yoga studio, and the Warrior Wonder Woman behind it

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Inspiral Yoga

In March 2017, Inspiral Yoga emerged from the Prana Hall at the Sanctuary in Haad Tien, nestled in a lush and vibrant  tropical jungle situated on the edge of a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand.

Under the guidance and teachings of Swara Yoga Academy (then known as Jungleyoga School), Inspiral Yoga's founder Alexandra Roshu qualified as a Level 1 Registered Yoga Teacher recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

It had been an intense rollercoaster journey of learning, laughter, tears, fun, struggle, discovery, challenge, commitment, friendship, dedication, a-ha moments, magical healing, unconditional love and ecstatic joy that marked the birth of what was to become Hythe's only seafront Yoga studio based at the Sailing Club on Marine Parade.

Inspiral Yoga's mission is to create and provide a safe sacred space away from the noise of everyday 21st century life so Yogis can find the way to return to their authentic selves because it is in this essence that the secret to a happy healthy and harmonious life can be (re)discovered from.

The weekly sessions offer a mix of Yogic techniques varying from meditations and visualisations to pranayama (breathwork) and asana (postures), sprinkled with wisdom from the Tantrik background exploring the 7 Chakras, and from the Traditional Chinese Medicine background focusing on the 5 Elements.

Classes are inclusive and suitable for anyone between mid teens (accompanied by a parent/guardian if under 18) and retirement age, with different levels available: beginner, intermediate and mixed. With both evening and morning practices, there is something for everyone to choose from!

Alexandra Roshu

I had struggled with depression since my teenage years but I only found the courage to voice it out loud to my closest friends a decade later when facing a serious breakdown episode in my mid-twenties. Through counselling, I learnt how vital the power of the mind was in ensuring overall well-being, as it not only shaped my reality but also impacted my physical health, the nature of my relationships and my ability to work


In pursuit of a better quality of life, I left behind the attempt to breakthrough onto the acting scene in London. I returned to the Kentish coast where I found that deeper level of healing that I had been searching for, in no other place than on a Yoga mat in a nurturing boutique home studio in Folkestone


After numerous attempts (Hot Bikram, Kundalini, Hatha) at discovering a style which suited my personal needs, Vinyasa Flow taught by Renata Byrne was the one which resonated most with me. It wasn’t solely due to the physical and mental rewards that I could already acknowledge shortly after developing a regular practice but also because I felt I had just been given the key that unlocked the door for a whole new world, as taught by my now mentor and dear friend. 


Serendipitously, two years later I became a Yoga teacher, training in Thailand in 2017 with Randall O’Leary, Haylee Clare and Simone McKay. Since then, I have also undertaken various workshops led by Cat Kabira, Lolly Norris and Lorraine Taylor to continue expanding my knowledge and skills. 


And the rest is herstory! A seven-year story woven with lows as well as highs as one cannot exist without the other, as I have myself experienced life along the way, wisdom that I now share with my Inspiral Yogis in weekly sessions and occasional retreat days.


Moreover, besides offering grounding Yoga practices, I have a great love for the Ocean, where I can also feel the benefits of all Elements combined. Mostly during summertime but not exclusively, you can find me on the Water, enjoying the Fire of the season, getting in the fresh Air of change, and helping people find more Space in their minds and in their hearts as they remain balanced and steady as the Earth. Through teaching water sports as well, I pay tribute to respecting and strengthening the sacred connection with Mother Nature so the Elements can be fully embodied on and off the board (or the mat), and Oneness with all there is around, be fully embraced. 


My devotion and commitment to helping others tap into their innate healing power (just like I did, albeit a forever work-in-progress project) is what stands behind my passion for the work that I do.

Early mornings, late evenings, weekdays or weekends (and everything else in between), I show up to fulfill my purpose of holding space and guiding whoever is willing to walk the path of self-discovery and growth whilst compassionately caring for and sharing an unconditional love with all living beings, together working towards making this world a better happier and more peaceful place


YAP RYT Level 1 200hr - Jungleyoga School, Koh Phangan, Thailand (2017)

ASI SUP Instructor L1 & L2 - Academy of Surfing Instructors, Kent, UK (2019)

BKSA Kitesurf Instructor Level 1 - British Kite Sports Association, Sussex, UK (2021)


BA Hons Performing Arts - Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent, UK (2010)


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